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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Japan, Tanzania seal 117bn/ deal

TANZANIA and Japan signed the Exchange of Notes (agreements) for a loan to support the co-financing for the “Business Environment for Jobs Development Policy Operation (DPO)’’ worth 6 billion Japanese Yen (116.4bn/-).

The Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Dr Servacius Likwelile, said at the signing ceremony in Dar es Salaam that funds are aimed at supporting implementation of the government’s programme of increasing job creation for the private sector.

This is deemed possible by reducing the overall cost of doing business and creating an enabling environment for selected labour-intensive industries.

Dr Likwelile pointed out that the programme would support the three pillars, particularly in making the regulatory environment more business friendly, improving the functioning of factor markets for labour, land and capital and establishing enabling environment for competitive, job creating industries in particular for agribusiness and tourism.He noted that the first agreement would help in completing the government’s budget for 2016/17 while the second agreement would cover technical issues, including amendments of the agreement signed by the two countries in October 1966 when the Far-East country issued its first loan to Tanzania.

“The government and people of the United Republic of Tanzania value your government’s continued support to our development efforts.

At this juncture; let me assure you that the assistance provided under the Exchange of Notes and loan agreement will be prudently used to achieve the intended purpose,” Dr Likwelile said.

For his part, Japan Ambassador Mr Masaharu Yoshida stated that the programme was the first of three development policy operations.

According to him, through the programme, Japan will support Tanzania’s effort to boost job creation, especially in the private sector, by reducing the cost of doing business and creating a better industrial environment.

“The government of Japan is fully committed to support President John Magufuli and his government’s clear vision to nurture labour-intensive industries and attract foreign investors by creating business friendly environment,” he stressed.

The envoy added that the cooperation between the two countries would enhance economic and social growth in Tanzania, in addition to developing and strengthening existing ties.

Japan’s loan offer and pledge for stronger economic ties came only a day after the United States Embassy in Dar es Salaam issued a statement to the effect that the Board of Directors of the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has decided to cease all activities related to the Second Compact with Tanzania.

The MCC reportedly deferred a vote on the re-selection of Tanzania for compact eligibility, citing the nullification of election results in Tanzania and the Cybercrimes Act, claiming that the law was used to limit freedom of expression and association.

/Daily News.
Comments from readers:
It is time now to take Tanzania social and economic development seriously and the government led by ministry of finance and planning to immediately re-evaluate all development projects together with source of income fromnautaral resources apart from taxes collection, all source of funding to ensure the target for industrialiased economy and middle class income are not affected by irresponsible USA government cancellation of MCC funds:
1) The planned construction of new standard gauge central railway line connecting most of the regions across the country and provide link to land locked neighbor countries, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Uganda, Zambia etc.
This project is very very important for sustainable long term economic development, of which compel the project to be highly prioritized. 
Immediate final evaluation of cost and immediate final negotiation with China to finance the project (10 billion usd), while drawing up the joint venture between Tanzania government, local private companies and Chinese companies to take on the project and start immediately.
2) Resolving the chronic corruption and mismanagement of the country natural resources by the ministers of ministry of energy and minerals
a) Appointing the new non corrupt and effective experienced minister with local and international knowledge in business of oil and gas, mining, and power generation to lead the ministry of energy and minerals, immediately.
3) Forming special natural resources and Tanzania citizen economic empowerment development committee to manage the country natural resources by setting the priorities, full participation of local citizen in the business, and drawing up revenue generation from all resources, mining, oil and gas, power generation etc.
The committee must comprise local technical, business, law professionals within the field, ministry of energy and minerals officials, ministry of finance, trade , labor, transport etc officials, state house, PM office, justice department, and some member of parliament. The committee must be responsible to formulate required policies to propel the sector towards successful management and ensure the results benefit Tanzania citizen, it must also set up procedure for training local citizen and arrange for capital investments, and marrying local business companies with foreign companies in JVs, obtaining right equipment and technology including some experts in the fields to work together for win-win situation.
Also the committee must be responsible for managing the revenue collected, means apportioning the revenue for re-investment in the sector, for investments in other sectors such as repaying loans borrowed for railways construction and other infrastructure projects, education and healthcare, and finally to create reserve funds for future use.
4) Power generation, envisaged 10,000 MW to achieve industrialized status, ,must not be delayed, above committee can work with TANESCO and ministry of energy and minerals to short list locally owned companies in JV with TANESCO to set up multiple power generation plant in various regions. Obvious to start with Mtwara where the gas is already available at least three new plants generating 200MW each and to be supplied to national grid, that will generate 600MW sufficient to propel many industries across the nation focusing on those depending on local available raw materials such as cotton, coffee, tea, sisal, sugar, textiles, food - beef, skin=leather, fruit-juice, shoes.
5) Tourism Promotion across the world 
a)Immediate and aggressive and investment in tourism industry, advertisement around the world of available tourism attraction in the country, If need to employ experts companies on contract basis just do it now. 
This is a very good and immediate source of income to national eceonomic development projects.
Security must be a priority ti ensure tourist feel safe in the country and enjoy their stay. 
b)Enforcement to ensure no greedy profiteering buy irresponsible business owners, including hotels charging exorbitant cost or services to tourists or else they can choose to spend their money somewhere else.
6) Improving of infrastructure across the country and provide reliable transportation,
a) Efficient transport system in capital cities especially Dar city to ensure traffic congestion are reduced, this need multiple solutions, apart from construction of flyovers, it is time to establish reliable city light rail transit system.
b) The Ubungo -Dar city, Temeke-Dar city and Kawe-Kinondon-Dar city rail lines must be initiated quickly.
c) Call for tenders and most probably short list emerging market countries such as China, South Korea and Japan , whoever offers lowest cost with full transfer of technology to local companies should be awarded the tender.
7) All current independent power production company agreements with the government through TANESCO and ministry of energy must be reviwed, and some which violated the terms must be terminated immediately.
Tanzania can't afford to continue paying exorbitant cost, to IPTL/PAP, SiMBION etc as the USA has irresponsibly terminated the MCC funds to finance such projects.
Tanzania need to terminate these contracts and seek other companies willing to take over under negotiated new contracts which they will offer lower cost of electricity produced to TANESCO, and most probably finance these existing plants operation until TANSECO achieve self reliance power production by its own!
There is no logic if the financier has terminated the funding, how can the recipient continue to finance the companies producing the power and the same agreement or related funding source agreement? Terminate Simbion and IPTL/PAP etc contracts immediately.
II) The government meanwhile can not remain silent, it must protest the unilateral action taken by current USA government which is planned to derail the social and economic development of the country. Tanzania must send protest letters and send messages to other international community organization including the world bank, IMF, UN, EU to put it open how current USA government is trying to undermine Tanzania economic development and hence violating the commitment given by these organisations that this is time to eliminate abject poverty in third world countries especially those showed a will to lift their people from poverty like Tanzania.
UN and other organizations have high regard of Tanzania in helping the world to resolve conflicts within Africa, and this is unequivocally clear that Tanzania has been in the front line be it in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Democratic of Congo, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe. etc.
We can not remain silent while others are spreading lies against us, we have to speak up and defend ourselves, and expose hypocrisy posed by current USA government of selective persecution.
Lowassa, Mbowe, of CHADEMA and Seif of CUF had campaigned aggressively by righting letters and meeting with foreign countries and international community demanding that Tanzania be punished if they opposition were not handed over election victory in Zanziabar after Mbowe and Lowassa lost in Tanzania mainland.
Now that USA has sided with them and heed their call, as a result it has cancelled MCC develeopment funds which supposed to finance social and economic development of entire nation including regions, districts, villages controlled by oppositions. 
That means this is made to ensure Tanzania citizen they suffer socially and economically, continue to remain in abject poverty.
Now, the nation can not sit quiet and struggling to provide funds which are enjoyed by these opposition members including their POWER-HUNGRY MANIACS who are ready to do anything, even if destroying the nation economy for their selfish greedy driven ambition of power grab.
It is time to get serious, these opposition are traitors to their own people they cheat to support them and entire nation. It is time for appropriate action to be studied by special government committee to be set up may be by the president, to ensure appropriate action is taken against them.
They can not be rewarded for causing such huge damage to entire national economy, and most important they must be stopped now, or else they will take this as victory and each time they can't win anything they will use the same methods to undermine majority of innocent Tanzania poor citizen.
Someone must take responsibility to ensure nothing of such destruction is repeated!
I said many times during elections and after elections that Lowassa , Mbowe and their henchmen if no appropriate action was taken against them , including charging them for instigation of young people to cause chaos in the country, that the nation is breading the dangerous individuals who will destroy the nation.
How could they be allowed to bribe through and win Dar city mayor position, this is an insult to CCM head quarter office, CCM chairman, state house and the president to be under such corrupt hooliganism based opposition mafia type of managing the city? 
Where were all those CCM stalwart including the current CCM chairman Kikwete?How opposition was allowed to hijack Dar city mayor position at first place?
Sabotage or what happened? All these need clear postmortem and re calibration b the government and CCM management!

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