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Monday, April 4, 2016

Call to support Magufuli’s anticorruption vigorous campaign

MWANZA CCM Regional Secretary Miraji Mtaturu has urged the party’s adherents to rally behind President John Magufuli’s efforts to implement the 2015-2020 Election Manifesto.

Addressing CCM members at Magomeni grounds here over the weekend, he said, “we’ll continue to support the president in his efforts of transforming all sectors of the national economy.”

“I also congratulate you for winning the Ilemela and Nyamagana constituencies during last year’s general election. In the 191 wards of our region we have managed to win 168,” he said.

Mtaturu also congratulated Zanzibar President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein for winning the re-run poll of March 20 this year. Meanwhile, CCM youth wing (UVCCM) assistant secretary Shaka Hamoud Shaka has congratulated Nyamagana and Ilemela members for winning the two constituencies in the 2015 general election.

He said the general election has ended and people should embark on building the nation. “President Magufuli made our election easier last year. Let’s now unite and support him in implementing the 2015-2020 party manifesto and the battle against corrupt elements in the society,” he said.

He appealed to youth to work hard by establishing entrepreneurship groups to increase production in every sector of development. During the meeting, 700 new members joined UVCCM.

/Daily News.

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