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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

25 college majors with the highest starting salaries!

Washington and Lee graduation(Washington and Lee University/Facebook) Salary potential shouldn't be the sole thing that attracts you to a major in college — things like passion, interest, and aptitude should also be considered. But it's still nice to know which degrees pay off the fastest. (And we can't blame you for being drawn to those.)
PayScale, the creator of the world's largest compensation database, recently looked at the early and mid-career pay for over a million college grads — including professionals who graduated with a bachelor's from 963 colleges and universities.
For its College Salary Report, which was compiled using data from employees who successfully completed PayScale's employee survey, PayScale sorted the results by school, degree, and college major.
Of the 25 majors with the highest starting salaries, 21 are engineering-focused.
"We've seen this same trend every year since we first launched the College Salary Report in 2008," says Lydia Frank, PayScale's editorial director.
"Engineering is a lucrative field that crosses many different industries," she tells Business Insider. "But even if engineering is your field of choice, ensuring you receive a well-rounded education is important to future career success."
She adds: "We've heard from employers that the ability to effectively communicate is the skill college grads are lacking most. So grads who can bring employers both in-demand technical skills and a core liberal arts foundation are the ones who are going to stand out most," Frank explains.
Here are the 25 majors with the highest starting salaries:

25. Engineering

Median early career pay: $62,600
Median mid-career pay: $107,000

24. Biomedical engineering

Median early career pay: $62,700
Median mid-career pay: $104,000

23. Engineering management

Median early career pay: $62,800
Median mid-career pay: $98,400

22. Aeronautical engineering

Median early career pay: $63,000
Median mid-career pay: $113,000

20. (tie) Mechanical engineering

Median early career pay: $63,500
Median mid-career pay: $103,100

20. (tie) Computer science and mathematics

Median early career pay: $63,500
Median mid-career pay: $111,000

18. (tie) Industrial engineering

Median early career pay: $63,800
Median mid-career pay: $104,000

18. (tie) Industrial and systems engineering

Median early career pay: $63,800
Median mid-career pay: $108,000

17. Electrical and electronics engineering

Median early career pay: $64,000
Median mid-career pay: $108,000

16. Software engineering

Median early career pay: $64,700
Median mid-career pay: $98,100

15. Computer science

Median early career pay: $65,300
Median mid-career pay: $107,000

13. (tie) Dental hygiene

Median early career pay: $65,400
Median mid-career pay: $74,900

13. (tie) Aerospace engineering

Median early career pay: $65,400
Median mid-career pay: $106,000

12. Materials science and engineering

Median early career pay: $65,800
Median mid-career pay: $108,000

11. Systems engineering

Median early career pay: $66,400
Median mid-career pay: $121,000

10. Electrical engineering

Median early career pay: $67,000
Median mid-career pay: $110,000

9. Electronics and communications engineering

Median early career pay: $68,000
Median mid-career pay: $115,000

8. Electrical and computer engineering

Median early career pay: $68,100
Median mid-career pay: $114,000

7. Nuclear engineering

Median early career pay: $68,500
Median mid-career pay: $116,000

6. Computer engineering

Median early career pay: $69,600
Median mid-career pay: $113,000

5. Chemical engineering

Median early career pay: $69,800
Median mid-career pay: $119,000

4. Mining engineering

Median early career pay: $70,200
Median mid-career pay: $107,000

3. Computer science and engineering

Median early career pay: $71,200
Median mid-career pay: $116,000

2. Physician assistant studies

Median early career pay: $85,200
Median mid-career pay: $103,000

1. Petroleum engineering

Median early career pay: $96,700
Median mid-career pay: $172,000
See the full College Salary Report here.

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