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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Massive, intricately carved doors hide mysteries at every turn in Zanzibar.

A new generation of independent Muslim women, our dear friend Zeyana.

As one wanders the labyrinthine alleyways of Stone Town........

A friendly Jambo or "Hello" in the harbor.

Forodhani Gardens in the late afternoon, as the vendors set up their
stalls.  It is common to see an extended Muslim family, including
the husband and several of his wives and all the children,
out enjoying the oceanfront with it's cool breeze.

Heading for Call to Prayer at the mosque. Everyone enjoys the new
 waterfront promenade recently completed by the good works of
the Aga Khan Foundation.

We sampled fruit for desert.
  Have you ever tasted fresh cacao?  The pods
in the front right are the beginnings of one of the tastiest addictions
on earth, chocolate!


A corkscrew palm.  Over 100 feet tall, try climbing up to get
those coconuts!

Cutting bark off the cinnamon tree.  Where would apple pie be
without this tree?

Now that's a smile!  With mountains of dirty clothes and two buckets
of water hauled from the well she was busily doing the family's
 laundry.  And we complain in the west because we have to use
the automatic washer and dryer? 

Mama's kitchen helper.

The mesmerizing green/blue ocean of Jambiani Beach.

A hot day at the beach.  Swimsuit or heavy polyester bui bui. 
Care to wager who is enjoying their time more?

The whole town of Wete shows up at the pier when the
"Spice Islander" arrives every Tuesday afternoon; laden
with passengers and supplies.

Main Street Wete on Pemba Island.

Patch work sails.  Because there are no large trees left, even the masts
on the larger dhows are three pieces roped together.

A dhow being built totally by hand.  The man on the right was using a
drill powered by spinning a rope.  Once the hole was drilled
he would pound a wooden peg in.


Fish boats returning with their catch of the day.

Young lovelies posing at a Muslim wedding party.  The women
put great effort into coordinating their scarves and new wraps
and look absolutely stunning.  


I was drawn into the frenzy to dance a song or two with the girls.  A
wedding event for women only, it was comical to see the band facing
the wall, like naughty little school boys, so they couldn't feast their
eyes on the forbidden fruit.  Great fun!

Driving along the main road through Pemba Island is like being in a
'potporri' basket.  Cloves, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon are all drying
in the sun, giving off a heavenly scent.

Salum and his Mom outside their home.

Salum's spice farm is in a lush, tropical valley.

We sailed into the sunset on our overnight ferry to Zanzibar.


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