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Thursday, October 27, 2016

'Mentally ill' son beheads parents in Saudi Arabia!

  • People of Taif are shocked by the heinous incident.
The murder of a couple by their own son has sent shockwaves across Saudi Arabia.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested a young man for beheading his parents earlier this week on Sunday (October 23) in Taif's Al Suhaili neighbourhood.

The man had decapitated his parents - a 59 year-old father and 48-year-old mother - using a knife, after locking them inside a room in their home, Saudi Gazette reported.

The motive of the murder is yet to be determined by the authorities.

The gruesome incident came to light when another son of the murdered couple who lived outside Taif called his parents. When he received no response, he called a neighbour and requested them to check on his parents.When the neighbour went over to the parents' house, he was shocked to see their slaughtered bodies.

The bodies were lying on the floor of the living room. He even saw the murderer cutting the body of his parents with a knife and decapitating them.

"The neighbour called the police. The police came to the scene and saw the murderer wearing black clothes with his hands covered in blood. The murderer was unable to speak and it was apparent that he suffered from mental illnesses," said a source.

The source added the man was previously admitted to a mental hospital a year ago and was released to live with his parents.

"The father had filed a disobedience lawsuit against the murderer last year, after which he was put in prison for a year. After the murderer was released from prison, he went home to murder his parents," said the source.

Makkah Police spokesman Col. Ati Al-Qurashi said the police suspect that the murderer was also drunk or was on drugs.

Meanwhile, the family of the mentally ill man are blaming Shihar Mental Hospital for the horrific incident, where he was a patient.

"The hospital released my nephew before his treatment was completed. They were well aware that he was mentally unstable and they released him. My nephew was not on drugs when he committed the horrific crime," said the uncle, Abdullah Al-Shihry.

He revealed that his nephew was a government employee.

"He used to be a public sector employee. Five years ago, he was fired from his job after being diagnosed with a mental illness."

Commenting on the aftermath of the gruesome murder, the uncle said: "The entire family witnessed the aftermath of the gruesome murder. "We saw a pool of blood around the scattered body parts of my sister and her husband. We asked what happened and he said he beat up his own parents before stabbing them with a knife and decapitating them," said Al-Shihry.

The police took the son to Shihar Mental Health Hospital again and wasn't saying anything during interrogation, added the uncle.

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