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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Muscat University opening with seven courses!

Muscat University opening with seven courses
Muscat – The Ministry of Higher Education has said that the proposed Muscat University will start functioning with three faculties and seven courses during the academic year 2016-17.
As per a ministerial decision, the Faculty of Business and Management will offer Masters’ courses in management and leadership and in financial management.
The Faculty of College of Engineering and Technology will offer Bachelor’s courses in Chemical Engineering, Master’s in systems engineering processes and Master’s in thermal energy systems and processes.
The Faculty of Transport and Logistics will offer the Bachelor of Science in logistics (supply chain management) and a programme of Master of Science in aviation management.
For the academic year 2016/2017, Muscat University will be located in the third floor of the Children’s Public Library, Qurm.
After the first year, the University will be located to a premises being beside the Porsche showroom and opposite the Avenues Mall in Muscat.
A permanent campus is being planned for construction on land located in Airport Heights.
Muscat University has established formal affiliation agreements with three international academic partners. Two of the leading universities, Cranfield University and Aston University, will co-deliver degree programmes with Muscat University from September 2017.
The postgraduate programmes will be offered by Cranfield University in collaboration with Muscat University while the undergraduate programmes will be offered through an additional collaboration agreement between Aston University and Muscat University. On successful completion of their degree programmes, students at Muscat University will be awarded a degree from both Muscat University and from its relevant partner institution, either Cranfield University or Aston University.

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