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Saturday, October 29, 2016

These are the ONLY airlines in the world that offer FREE WiFi!

wireless technology is gradually being implemented by airlines in various prices. These airlines offer it for free.

Need to be connected during a flight? Only 11 airlines in the world offer free onboard WiFi for all your Internet-powered needs.

Jason Rabinowitz, the data research manager for online airline platform Routehappy states in a Fortune report that: "When customers get on a flight that doesn't have Wi-Fi, they get angry."So how does one avoid those lulls in flights where there's no way to check emails, chat with friends and family or check this: take cool photos of your inflight meal? Simple - by flying aboard these 6 airlines that give you powerful WiFi for FREE.


Emirates offers free WiFi access for the first 10MB and offers a further access with packages starting at $1. Not bad since Emirates ranks as one of the best onboard Wi-Fi in world.

Philippine Airlines

The Philippine's flag carrier offers 15MB free with reasonably priced packages for continued access. Another great thing is for non-credit card holders - scratch cards for WiFi access are available for purchase from the cabin crew.


Norwegian speaks the truth as it is: "After all, you rely on being online when you're on the ground. Why should it be any different when you fly?" The carrier offers free access across all classes on its flight to Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.

Hong Kong Airlines

Flying mostly between London and Hong Kong, this small company which runs a modest fleet of A330-200 planes offers free Wi-Fi from start to finish.

Nok Air

This Bangkok-based budget airline is one of the few of its kind to offer free Wi-Fi. It comes in many of its flights with full implementation well underway.


"Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to roam about the Internet." This is the message that pops up on JetBlue's description of what they call as 'Fly-Fi'. Considered by many as a real home broadband in the sky, Fly-Fi is already available for the bulk of its fleet PLUS it comes with a FREE 30-day trial to Amazon Prime!

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