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Monday, November 21, 2016

For sale in UAE: This amazing robot transforms into a BMW in just 60 seconds!

  • Antimon, the leader of Letrons, can transform into a robot and back to a car in 60 seconds. The remote-controlled car will be one among the top attractions at The Big Boys Toys, beginning in Abu Dhabi today. - Photo courtesy:
Standing tall amid an array of head turners will be Letrons - a car that can transform into a robot and back in 60 seconds.

The Big Boys Toys are back to wow the UAE and they are loaded with latest in innovations and technology. The four-day exhibition starts from Wednesday at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and has on offer more than 200 hi-tech products worth over $200 million.

Standing tall amid an array of head turners will be Letrons - a car that can transform into a robot and back in 60 seconds.

The Transformers reel fans can get to feed on some real time action as the world's first car to transform into a robot will flex its muscles.

Exhibition director Atif Malik said the BMW-to-robot machine will go under the hammer with bids starting at $600,000.

"Visitors can start their bids from the first day and the highest bidder at the end of the exhibition will get to keep Letrons."

On the bidding, he said: "It's named - Antimon - the leader of Letrons. It is one unique product we have for now. So this is very special."Elaborating on the specification of Antimon, Malik said: "This is a driverless car. More proper term would be it's remote controlled. There is no one who sits inside. That's how the transformation takes place. It has electric engine and can run at 20km/hr," he told Khaleej Times.

So, this car can't hit the streets?

"No. This is about owning your fantasy. If you are looking to spend $600,000, we are looking at high net worth individuals. They look at things that no one has or anyone thinks is possible. This is an interactive robot and there are different articulation points that do move around. So, this is a cool thing to have," Malik said. "Moreover, the UAE is known for owning the best of the rest that none has in the world. So we are in the right market."

On the birthplace of Letrons, he said: "This was made in Turkey by three engineers and they can roll 20 cars annually. It also depends on the design of the car. They are working on a unique design for Letrons."

On further plans for Letrons, he said: "Advancement on this would be a boy or a girl being able to drive it and then transform into a robot.

"Next year, we will see Letrons that moves around, it will have legs just like we have seen in movies. Antimon is the leader and more will follow with different characteristics."

Malik said future exhibitions can happen in the open where flying suits and many fantasy league gadgets can be showcased. Iron Man flying suit, supersonic drones among others are all being experimented.

There are many products that will be unveiled during the course of the jamboree. The showpiece includes, world's fastest street legal production bike, one of the world's most powerful cars boasting fighter jet technology for the first time in automobiles and the smallest and fastest single-engine jet.

Also, there is the Super Car Test Drive Pit where visitors can get to vroom the most powerful beasts. There are interactive experiences like virtual reality, simulators, reality games and shooting. There are also many gadgets making their way for the first time into the UAE. Also, there is a section dedicated for luxury items for woman.

From Wednesday, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre is going to be the playground for adventurers, techies, gadget gurus and aficionados.

Turgut Alpagot, Evren Tanrikulu and Levent Erenler.

How they TRANSFORMed their dream into reality

The brains behind world's first car-to-robot machine Letrons are three childhood friends from Turkey - Turgut Alpagot, Levent Erenler, Evren Tanrikulu.

"Yes, we are creators and shareholders of Letrons. The first three letters of Letrons are first letters of our names," Alpagot, the sales and marketing director of Letrons, told Khaleej Times. He is also the manager of Letrons project.

They are the three musketeers, who dared to dream big even when they were in their schools.

"Our friendship is key to success. We are together form the age of 10 years. We studied in the same primary, secondary and high school. We were good friends who knew each other inside out and went on to established a company in 2009," Tanrikulu, the production director, said during the sidelines of Big Boys Toys Press conference in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

The one-tonne Letrons is their childhood idea getting wings and all three put together their different expertise to realise this idea.

"Erenler is the head engineer, Tanrikulu looked after production and I looked into the marketing side," Alpagot said. "We know each other's strength and weakness, and it helped us bring the best on to the table."

Talking about the inspiration behind the project, Erenler said: " It was the movie The Transformers in 1990s that inspired us. We aim to help the defence industry in future and are also working on a car which can be driven and transformed in 1 minute. This can also be reduced to 15-20 seconds."

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