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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Also, click here below to read the reactions of Tanzanians living in the Diaspora on recent unthoughtful statements of Lukuvi!

ABOVE: The president of the Association of Tanzanian Community in Washington, Iddi Sandaly - a staunch supporter of one of the political camps in Tanzania is now surprisingly seen to be slowly moving away from the camp after Minister Lukuvi's misguided statements on ownership of land in Tanzania by Tanzanians living in the Diaspora!

Diaspora marufuku kumiliki ardhi nchini Tanzania

Juu ni Waziri Lukuvi - Wazanzibari tulimuona zamani kuwa huyu bwana hafai uongozi, kama huamini ona video yake ya hapa chini. 

Tanzanians in the Diaspora continue to grapple with challenges that have seen most members either defrauded or lose confidence that they can actually invest in Tanzania and get good returns. But now our nightmares are on the Constitution and the support from the leaders. This makes the Tanzanians in the Diaspora to have to think twice on either to invest or even build homes for themselves or for their relatives in Tanzania.

About 90% of Tanzanians in the Diaspora are about to lose their hard earned money to the Government because of this proposed crackdown of the landownership proposed by the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Mr. William Vangimembe Lukuvi.

Tanzanians abroad are also troubled by these comments by the minister which go opposite to the efforts highlighted by the Diaspora Desk in Tanzania and by the Tanzania embassies all over the world in encouraging the Diaspora to invest and send money back home. This fear is acknowledged and should not be taken lightly. However, we also need to acknowledge that a good percentage of the money going to Tanzania is meant for food, but there are people who send their savings home; there are people who are investing in Tanzania in construction, business and other ventures.

While all previous leaders and embassies have been urging on the Diaspora to buy land and invest in Tanzania. It is now clearly that we Diaspora need to stop and make sure we protect our money until we understand these comments and the government plans toward the Diaspora. My advice to my fellow Diaspora is to protect your retirement and saving money until we get a clarification from our government.

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