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Friday, November 25, 2016

Man finds iPhone at the bottom of a lake...!

...And it works.

To some of us Apple snobs, one of the worst fears we have is having our precious iPhones embrace the laws of gravity and fall down. Such was the case when American Michael Guntrum lost his iPhone to a lake while out fishing back in 2015. Through the help of someone, he found the phone, a year after he lost it.

According to a news report, Guntrum was out ice-fishing and when he got a bite on his fishing rod, he sat the phone on his lap and it slipped off. But rather than falling on the snow, it fell through the hole he made for fishing and right into the frozen lake.

A year after losing his phone, Kyle Lake - the place where he fished was drained because of structural deficiencies in the dam around it. This was where treasure hunter Daniel Kalgren entered the story.

Kalgren who went out to the drained lake that day with a metal detector was hoping to score some treasure that people dropped from their boats back when the lake still had water. During his entire search of the area, his metal detector only tripped one signal - Guntrum's iPhone stuck under mud.

So he went home and cleaned the mud off the iPhone, afterwards Kalgren put it in rice 'to see if it would still work' he said.

After two days of rice therapy, the iPhone turned on.

Kalgren proceeded to use the phone to contact Guntrum, and he has confirmed that he will mail the phone to its rightful owner.

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