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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Modi's bicycle a bit hit on Twitter as well!

  • Modi tweeted his thanks to Rutte for the bicycle gift.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received an unusual gift - a bicycle - from his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte after the two leaders met here. A picture shared by Prime Minister Modi on his twitter account shows him sitting and smiling on the Dutch-made bicycle which was gifted to him by Rutte on Tuesday.

"Thank you @MinPres @markrutte for the bicycle," Modi tweeted on Wednesday, soon after his return from the Netherlands where he held talks with the Dutch prime minister on global issues like counter-terrorism and climate change.In the photo, Rutte was also seen standing beside Modi. Rutte had praised India for its commitment to renewal energy and to the Paris climate agreement. He had praised Modi for announcing major sustainable initiatives like 'Clean India' and 'Make in India'.

Rutte, 50, usually cycles to work. In the Netherlands, cycling is a way of life. In fact, with 18 million bicycles and just 16 million Dutch inhabitants, there are more bicycles than people, according to the invest in Holland website.

In a special gesture, Rutte had on Tuesday tweeted in both Hindi and Dutch languages welcoming Modi and said he was keen to meet him at a time when the two countries are celebrating 70 years of the establishment of Indo-Dutch diplomatic relations. Modi returned to New Delhi this morning after concluding a three-nation tour to Portugal, the US and the Netherlands.
Twitter was abuzz with Rutte's confusing tweet welcoming Modi in Hindi. Now, the picture of Modi happily posing on a bicycle has gone viral.

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