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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

LAHORE - PAKISTAN: Jealous Pakistani brother kills sister over handwriting comparison!

  • The victim and the accused were children from the second wife of their father.
police investigation in Pakistan has found that a brother has killed his sister after a fight over their handwriting.

According to a report in The Express Tribune, the police, after an investigation, claimed that jealousy was the motive for the murder of the minor girl.

The report quoted SP Civil Lines Investigations Hasnain Haider as saying that Eman Tanveer and Abdul Rehman had come to spend Eid holidays at their grandmother's house. When the two went out of the house, they started fighting with each other while comparing their handwriting.The accused got angry and wrapped a scarf around her neck, strangling the girl to death. The accused locked himself in the room to cut his veins when the neighbours intervened and stopped him.

The victim and the accused were children from the second wife of their father. Police initially arrested the parents on suspicion before arresting Abdul Rehman, the report added.


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