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Friday, July 7, 2017

Video: Did the Polish first lady just 'dodge' Trump's handshake?!

The Polish president's wife shook Melania's hand, not his. In yet another awkward moment, US President Donald Trump thought the hand extended by Poland's first lady was for him - and not for his wife, Melania. 
 The US and Poland's presidential couples were shaking hands Thursday before Trump's speech in front of a crowd in Warsaw, the Polish capital. Poland's first lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, shook hands with Trump and then all four of them lined up for a photograph.

 She then moved with an extended hand toward Melania, but Trump, standing nearer, thought the handshake was for him again and reached out to Kornhauser-Duda. 
He flashed a somewhat startled and disappointed look when the Polish president's wife shook Melania's hand, not his. Quickly sizing up the situation, Kornhauser-Duda gave Trump a second handshake and he gave her a pardoning smile.

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