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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Prostitute stoned to death in UAE, 9 men on trial!

  • Two African men involved in the case admitted to working as pimps for Dh10 per client.
Nine Asian residents are facing trial in the Ras Al Khaimah criminal court for allegedly stoning an African prostitute to death, consuming alcohol, and being involved in prostitution. The court heard the defence pleas on Wednesday.

The RAK public prosecution has also charged two African women with prostitution in the same case.

Besides, two African men have been accused of facilitating these prostitutes, while three others were standing trial for trespassing others' properties.During the court hearing, the two accused African prostitutes admitted to flesh trade, and charging Dh50 ($15) per person, while the nine Asians denied killing the victim -- the third prostitute who was stoned to death.

The two African men admitted to working as pimps against Dh10 ($3) per client.

One of the prostitutes told the court that she was with the victim when a number of Asians assaulted her. She tried to defend her friend. However, she could not tell who exactly killed her because of thedarkness, but she recognised two of them who stood in the dock.

Investigations showed that the deceased had a heated argument with one of the Asians over the money he was supposed to pay.

A number of Asian residents appeared at the scene and started stoning the victim who sustained serious injuries and bled excessively.

She was rushed to the emergency department of the nearest hospital, but was declared dead an hour after being admitted to the intensive care unit.

The court ordered adjournment of the case to August 29 to hear the defence further.

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