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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Woman reads book while driving on busy motorway!

  • The video was shared on social media.
  • A female driver in Auckland was caught driving while reading a book on a busy road.

    The video of the woman was filmed by a man who passed by her while he drove his motorbike.

    The clip shows the woman reading a book as she drives her red car, the Daily Mail reported. To get her attention, the biker honks repeatedly, urging her to stop reading the book.The woman appears to have put down her book after sometime when the biker passes by her again. The video was shared on Facebook and invited attention from the netizens.

    "The things we see on the motorway. I've seen plenty reading books/newspapers, folding washing, doing makeup, filling out a form the list goes on," one user wrote.

    "I've watched someone shave. With a straight razor and old-timey foam brush in the cup holder, or a newspaper, folded full open, blocking all the gauges, and half the windscreen," another added.

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