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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Doctors remove 150 pins from man's body- and no idea how they got there!

  • He had pins of various sizes stuck in different parts of his body.
at a hospital here removed more than 150 'pins' from a man's body, a procedure others had refused to perform saying it was "too risky".

Earlier this year, Badrilal Meena of Rajasthan during a follow-up X-Ray of his leg-wound discovered that he was suffering from an one-of-a-kind ailment.

The 56-year-old had "pins" of various sizes stuck in different parts of his body.

Referred to a Delhi hospital from his home state, the Railway employee was again asked at the national capital to take a second opinion.

"The hospital took it as a challenge and decided to remove the pins from his body," chairman of the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr N K Pandey, said.

Meena was admitted to the hospital on June 24 and scans revealed that there were more than 150 pins in his body, including in the wind and food pipes, the hospital's ENT specialist, Dr Lalit Mohan Parashar, said.

Doctors said that every pin was removed from Meena's body one-by-one through different procedures, the riskiest being the surgery in his neck area.

"Doctors at various hospital said an operation was too risky. I was asked to take a second opinion by a hospital in Delhi and finally came here," said Meena, adding "I am still unaware how the pins got into my body."

"Meena's health is fine and he will be discharged on Monday," hospital marketing officer Madhubala said.

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