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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

INDIA: No jeans and mobile phones in this Indian village!

  • The members claimed that western culture was adversely affecting the dignity of the community.
A sermon by Baldiyapura village panchayat allegedly banning girls from wearing jeans and using mobile phones has struck a wrong note with the Rajasthan Women Commission, with the body calling for an inquiry into the matter.

The Commission took cognisance of media reports that members of Kushwah community had on Sunday called upon a panchayat at Dholpur district which allegedly put a ban on girls from wearing jeans and carrying mobile phone on the grounds that western culture was adversely affecting the dignity of the community.

The panchayat was reportedly called to discuss social reforms like prohibition of liquor, betting and tobacco."We have taken cognisance of the report and asked the Dholpur district collector to get the matter inquired. However, none from the village is speaking openly about the deliberations of the panchayat. There are no evidences so far," Chairperson, Rajasthan Women Commission, Suman Sharma said.

She said villagers might not be speaking under pressure, but "we have asked the administrative officials to be on their toes."

"Banning liquor, betting and tobacco is ethical but banning girls from wearing jeans and mobile phones is dictatorial, Sharma said.

Meanwhile, acting SHO of Kaurali police station in Dholpur, Gambhir Singh told PTI that a team was sent to the village to inquire about the matter, but the so-called ban on girls could not be confirmed.


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