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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Indian woman cancels wedding after watching groom's 'nagin dance'!

  • She even tied the knot with someone else.
An Indian bride called off her wedding after she watched her drunken groom attempt to do the popular snake dance in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

Priyanka Tripathi and Anubhav Mishra were all set to tie the knot, the families were happy, they had exchanged gifts and performed several rituals. All was well in their world until the big day arrived, and the groom intoxicated by excitement of a wedding, and erm, alcohol decided to show off his dance moves.

His mistake? Of all the fancy Bollywood steps, he chose to do the nagin dance.

Just before he was to be formally welcomed by the bride's family, the groom's attention was drawn to a `nagin song' being played by the DJ.Mishra began to sway and dance as his friends showered currency notes on him. The bride's family, meanwhile, watched in stunned shock.

At that moment, Priyanka decided that the drunk man was not suitable for her. Neither persuasion nor threats by the groom's family and friends moved her. Finally, the marriage was called off.

The report says a day after she even tied the knot with someone else.

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