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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Man with 'half-face' gets facial reconstruction!

Dr Kongkrit Chaiyasate (L) and Tim McGrath (R).
(Daily Mail/Screengrab)
  • By using skin from his leg and forearm.
Tim McGrath lived with half his face and exposed flesh for a year due to cancer. But Dr Kongkrit Chaiyasate, a genius surgeon, has now rebuilt the 38-year-old's face by using skin from his leg and forearm. It has given McGrath a hope to lead a normal life.

McGrath, from Michigan, was detected with Synovial Sarcoma - a rare form of soft tissue cancer. A grape fruit-sized tumour was growing on his face.

The cancerous tumour was removed, but half of his face was gone. He had to live with the condition for a year after which Dr Chaiyasate started his treatment. McGrath is quoted as saying by MailOnline: "I was covered in scars from previous surgeries which limited my options for reconstruction but we went ahead and the outcome has been incredible. He reconstructed my face using skin and muscle from my left leg, left forearm, and a flap from my forehead, and skin graphs were used to help the healing process. I currently can't drink liquid, eat through my mouth, or pronounce certain words, however my quality of life has improved massively."

McGrath adds, "I have been through something horrific, but if what I've gone through can inspire people to live their lives with gratitude for the things they take for granted than it makes what I've gone through all worth it."

McGrath came to know that he was stricken by Synovial Sarcoma in February 2014 after he complained of severe jaw pain. He had an egg-sized tumour. It kept on growing, before radiation was initiated. The tumour started shrinking, but his face fell off.

In October 2015, McGrath stayed in hospital for seven weeks after the initial 30-hour operation to reconstruct his face. Dr Chaiyasate took over in April 2016. McGrath has had over 20 surgeries till now and five of those have been with Dr Chaiyasate. All the five have been a success.

Dr Chaiyasate has asked McGrath to unwind and enjoy life. The face reconstruction will be go ahead next winter and help McGrath with his speech further. Soon, he will also be able to eat and drink.

McGrath's family and friends have joined hands to raise funds for his treatment.
"I have now found the confidence to share my story and if my journey can lead to a happy life for others around me then I truly understand why I was chosen to walk this path," he says.

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