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Saturday, January 13, 2018


ACT WAZALENDO party calls for action against President Donald Trump hateful remarks about Africans and people of African descent.

Our party ACT Wazalendo being a Pan-Africanist party and that upholds dignity of all human races strongly condemns the continued racist behaviour of the President of United States of America Donald Trump. Calling Africans and people of African descent as dirty is the highest level of racist and hateful behaviour of the new US administration and Africans and the world shall not condone neither stay quiet about.

We commend the reaction of the Republic of Botswana on the matter and we feel proud that the current government of Botswana has been steadfast and courageous to condemn with action anything that seems to belittle Africa and its people. Likewise we commend the statement from African Union Chairman and and action taken by our Ambassadors in Washington and we stand by them.

We ask African governments to take these words as a wake up call that Africans must strive to become economically independent and eradicate poverty so that we are not insulted by the likes of apartheid minded people like Donald Trump. Emancipation of our people from poverty and backwardness shall be a clarion call as an answer to anyone who thinks he or she can degrade our dignity.

We ask the government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon a current head of US Embassy so that she gives explanations about the hateful and racist remarks by her president against Africans and the people of African descent.

We bring to notice that if the US President declines to apologize for the insults he directed to Africans, we will mobilize Tanzanians to demonstrate to US Embassy in Dar es Salaam to condemn. We will as well ask our allies through African Left parties to demonstrate to US embassies in capitals of every single African country to show our anger. We defeated apartheid, we shall defeat their remnants too.

Venance Msebo
Chairman for Foreign Affairs Committee
ACT Wazalendo
13 January 2018.

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