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Monday, November 24, 2014

Miche ya Karafuu yakosa soko

  BAADHI ya wanavikundi kisiwani Pemba, kuhamasika kuatika miche ya mikarafuu kwa wingi, miche hiyo imekuwa ikikosa  soko kama ilivyo kwa kikundi cha Bobo sio dili cha Bogoa  Mkanyageni Wilaya ya Mkoanikisiwani Pemba, (picha na Abdi Suleiman, PEMBA)

 KATIBU wa kikundi cha Bobo sio dili cha Bogoa MkanyageniWilaya ya Mkoani, Adam Kombo Khatib akimwangilia maji miche yake ya Mikarafuu iliyopo katika kikundi chao,ikiwa ni mchanganyiko wa miche 5000 iliyobakia msimu uliopita na miche ya sasa 10000 walioatika katika kipindi hichi wakisubiri kuitia sokoni (Picha na Abdi Suleiman, PEMBA.)
Chanzo: ZanziNews

U.S. Congress Team Inspects Horticulture Projects

Arusha — A HIGH level delegation of the US Congress and government officials paid a surprise visit to local farmers, especially growers of vegetables and other horticulture products, in Arusha to learn for themselves how America has been supporting local smallholder producers.
"The Congress delegation had previously visited Ethiopia and Tanzania, but Arusha where they specifically wanted to see the horticulture sector and how small-scale growers are being assisted under the United States initiatives to improve their undertakings, secure vegetable markets and transform their lives," explained Tanzania Horticulture Association Executive Director, Ms Jackline Mkindi.
In Arusha the US delegation braved the rains as they visited Umoja Group of Agriculture comprising nearly 60 farmers operating in the remote Midawe village in Bangata ward, Moshono division, in Arusha-Rural District, which produces over 62 tonnes of vegetables per year.

Facts on IPTL deal ahead of the tabling of escrow scam report

The 100-megawatt electricity generating plant built by Independent Power Tanzania Limited in Tegeta, Dar es Salaam, in the 1990s. PHOTO | FILE 
By The Citizen Reporter 

  • The Citizen traces the IPTL saga since the firm was contracted as an independent power producer two decades ago in the wake of an electricity shortage caused by a prolonged drought
  • 1994: The year Tanzania Electric Supply Company signed an agreement with Independent Power Tanzania Limited

Dar es Salaam.  As the nation awaits what will transpire this week in Parliament with the tabling of the probe report on the escrow account, The Citizen brings you a chronology of key events since Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) signed a memorandum of understanding with Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco)  20 years ago:
1994 – Drought leads to power shortages as hydro catchment areas run dry.   Tanesco invites emergency solutions, eventually settling for two turbines financed by foreign aid.  A joint venture known as Independent Power Tanzania Ltd is set up between Mechmar Corporation of Malaysia (70 per cent) and VIPEM of Tanzania (30 per cent).
August 1994 – IPTL signs an MoU to provide electricity under an independent power project arrangement as a “fast track” measure, but a “medium to long-term solution” is proposed in November.

Zanzibar Pushes to Curb Unemployment

Zanzibar — PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein has said that in a bid to reduce unemployment, his government has been taking different initiatives to prepare the youths for jobs in Zanzibar.
Speaking at the opening of the "Youth Development Carrier Fair in Zanzibar" over the weekend, Dr Shein said that he is disturbed by unemployed rate (17 per cent) of youth aged between 15 and 34 years, who are able to work but lack jobs.
He said that creating employment for youth is one of the government's priorities in speeding up social and economic development of the islands.
The president further said that his government plans to also improve education by making sure that graduates qualify for employment and can self employ.
"Launch of the youth empowerment revolving fund, last December, was also another government initiative. Income generating groups have already started to benefit from the fund. Let us work together in making sure our development plans are realistic," said Dr Shein.

Airtel introduces airport priority pass, 30 pct discount on shopping, lounges


24th November 2014.

Dr Mary Nagu, Minister of State in the Prime Minister�s Office (Investment and Empowerment) displays a premier card handed over to her by Airtel Tanzania managing director Sunil Colaso (R) shortly after she launched the mobile phone service provider�s new rewarding system in Dar es Salaam yesterday. The new package includes priority pass services to enable Airtel customers to have access to a growing network of over 700 airport lounges globally and premium benefits to exclusive customers, now eligible for access to premier cards with up to 30 per cent discount.
Airtel Tanzania has launched the Premier Card that allows their travelling customers priority pass at airports and awards them up to 30 per cent discount in supermarkets, hotels and restaurants across700 airport lounges globally.

This gives Airtel customers the opportunity to get away from crowded airport spaces and access an oasis of calm in participating exclusive lounges that offer refreshments, comfortable seating and other services enhancing their travel experience.

Speaking at the launch of the innovative product, Minister of State Dr Mary Nagu commended Airtel for introducing the Premier card which she said recognizes, appreciates and supports mobile marketing.

Bunge to Discuss IPTL Saga for Two Days

Dodoma — TIME for legislators to discuss the Controller and Auditor General's (CAG) report on the Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) Tegeta escrow account matter has been increased from one to two days.
Sources from among various Parliamentary Committees who spoke on condition of anonymity said on Saturday that the decision to add one more day was reached to give ample time to Members of Parliament to discuss the report.
The sources are part of the Parliamentary Steering Committee which met here yesterday and made decisions that will likely shape the direction of the debate starting this week.
"They said that time to discuss the CAG's report has been increased from one to two days," said one source. "Initially it was set to be discussed only on November 26, but they have now added one more day so that MPs can discuss the report in depth," he said.


The Tanzanian government sold off ancestral land owned by the Masai to the Dubai royal family in order to make way for a luxury hunting ground for royal hunters. At least 40,000 Masai are now under threat of being evicted from their homeland

  • Begüm Tunakan
  • Published : 23.11.2014 16:48:30
Tanzania to displace 40,000 Masai from ancestral land for Dubai royal family
ISTANBUL — The Masai people of Tanzania have been living under a significant threat for the past few years while the Tanzanian government was deciding to sell off large tracts of Masai land to the Dubai royal family to create a large game hunting resort for themselves. Now, they have been forced out of their homeland so the Dubai royal family can create an exclusive luxury large game hunting reserve. Yet government officials have denied the charge of displacing thousands of Masai from their traditional lands in order to make way for the royal hunters. "The government has no such plans and never entertained the idea of evicting the Masai," Tanzania's Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Lazaro Nyalandu, told reporters in Tanzania's administrative capital Dodoma, as reported by Agence France-Presse on November 20.