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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Singapore holds Lee Kuan Yew funeral!



Chaponda:  We will find out from the meeting
Chaponda: We will find out from the meeting

Mediators in the ownership wrangle of Lake Malawi have proposed a resource-sharing agreement between Malawi and Tanzania governments.

The two countries will discuss the proposal as the mediators believe that economic integration is the solution on the matter.

The move was proposed by the two former heads of state meditating the dispute, former Mozambican president Joaquim Chisano and former South African president Thabo Mbeki during the last African Union (AU) summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Malawi’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister George Chaponda confirmed the development but said the decision does not mean government has changed its stance on ownership of the lake.

He said Malawi and Tanzania technocrats have been told to “do their homework on the issue and come
up with a way forward.”

Chaponda said the stand of President Peter Mutharika is that Lake Malawi is “non negotiable” but government need to “find out if Tanzania has abandoned their claim to the Lake.”

He said Malawi will seek clarification during the yet to be scheduled meeting of the technocrats.

JK: Hakuna mpango wa kuanzisha Mahakama ya Kadhi

  Asema mjadala umefungwa

Rais Jakaya Kikwete
Rais Jakaya Kikwete amefunga rasmi mjadala wa Mahakama ya Kadhi na kwamba hakuna mpango wa kuianzisha.
Rais Kikwete alitoa kauli hiyo jana  jijini Dar es Salaam wakati akizungumza na kamati ya amani ya viongozi wa dini mkoa wa Dar es Salaam.
Kauli hiyo ya Kikwete imekuja baada ya hivi karibuni,  viongozi dini za Kikristo chini ya Jukwaa la Wakristo Tanzania, kutoa tamko la kuitaka Serikali isitishe mchakato wa Mahakama ya Kadhi kwa kuondoa muswada wa Sheria ya Marekebisho ya Sheria Mbalimbali namba 02 wa mwaka 2014 unaopendekeza.
Pia waliitaka serikali pamoja na mambo mengine, kufanya marekebisho kwenye Sheria ya Tamko la Sheria ya Kiislamu, Sura ya 375 (The Islamic Law (Restatement) Act, Cap.375) ambao ulitarajiwa kujadiliwa katika mkutano wa 18 wa Bunge unaoendelea Dodoma, ikiwa ni ahadi ya Serikali iliyotolewa na Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda.

'Facebook Generation' happier than teenagers a decade ago

'Facebook Generation' happier than teenagers a decade ago
  • However, if there was one thing teens today did not do as well as their predecessors, it was personal social interaction.

London - Today's "Facebook Generation" is happier and healthier than teenagers a decade ago, finds a new study.

Adolescence is a crucial stage in life when you lay the foundation for adulthood.

The findings, published online by the European Journal of Public Health, claimed a growing proportion of 11 to 15-year-olds, dubbed the "Facebook Generation", are less likely than their predecessors to do drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and be bullied.

"We have seen a decline in young people experiencing bullying, drinking alcohol weekly, and increasing numbers living free from tobacco and cannabis," said study coordinator professor Candace Currie from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

'Tanzania should learn from shuttle vans ban' - Crisis still lingers

Image result for tourists buses

Tourism industry players have welcomed a solution reached by Tanzania and Kenya to end a row on tour operations and Kenya Airways frequencies but insisted that it should be a wakeup call to Tanzania to have a fully operational airline.

"What is wrong with us that we don't have a national airline?" asked Mathew Mollel, the managing director of Rainbow Shuttles, saying a fully operational national carrier would make the country competitive in tourism business.

He said a decision reached by the two countries' leaders to allow the shuttle vans from Arusha to access the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi and resumption of KQ frequencies to Tanzania was only "a first step" in tackling the crisis.

JK: No Kadhi Court under the Judiciary

President Jakaya Kikwete
President Jakaya Kikwete yesterday ruled out the establishment of the Kadhi Court within the framework of the Judiciary, stating candidly that the matter will remain in the hands of religious bodies.
In a special gathering with city priests grouped in the Peace Committee of Religious Organisations, the president said that even if the Kadhi Court is introduced it will be under Muslim clerics and believers. 
He said that the government will not be subjected to run the court, and instead all issues related to the establishment of the court rely on Muslim believers’ decision.
“The government stand is that we will not introduce the Kadhi Court. However, Muslims are not restricted in how they handle the matter, and can introduce it under their leadership and not the government,” he said.

Why Gwajima collapsed

Kwanza sikiliza hapa audio ya Pengo kupewa maneno yake:!

  Admitted to ICU

Bishop Josephat Gwajima of the Glory Christ church, lies unconscious at the Intensive Care Unit of TMJ hospital in Dar es Salaam yesterday where he was admitted on Friday.
While no authority has come out clear to explain what caused the head of Glory of Christ Church Bishop Gwajima to collapse on Friday evening, one of his aides has said the religious leader’s health status deteriorated right after police began questioning him about the source of his wealth.
On Friday afternoon Bishop Gwajima surrendered himself to Dar es salaam Special Police Zone Offices for questioning after he allegedly insulted Archbishop of Dar es Salaam Episcopacy Polycarp Cardinal Pengo while preaching in Dar es Salaam last Sunday.
Information from police sources  that later came to be  confirmed by Gwajima’s aide said that Gwajima’s health changed after police started questioning him about the property he possessed, including a newly acquired chopper.