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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Woman Who Constantly Smells Of Fish: BORN DIFFERENT!

A WOMAN suffering with an extremely rare condition means she constantly smells like FISH. Kelly Fidoe-White, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, has lived her entire life with Trimethylaminuria – a disorder more commonly known as 'fish-odour syndrome.’ People suffering with the metabolic condition regularly produce a range of strong bodily odours including rotten fish, onion and faeces - Kelly describes her own smell as ‘fishy-oniony.'

Trump's Press Conference MELTDOWN!

Revolutionary Israeli device can eliminate need for follow-up breast cancer surgery

A woman undergoes a CT scan. (Illustrative photo: Chen Leopold/FLASH90)
  • MarginProbe, which checks tumor’s edges while lumpectomy patient is still on operating table, is already in use in over 100 US hospitals
  • It's the 'biggest advancement in breast cancer surgery in a generation,' American surgeon says
Israel’s Dune Medical Devices has developed an instrument to help women with breast cancer avoid undergoing dreaded follow-up surgery to remove residual cancer cells after a tumor is removed. The device is already being used by surgeons on patients in more than 100 hospitals in the US and in Israeli medical centers.
When women undergo lumpectomies to remove breast cancers, the cancerous tissue is then sent to labs to ensure that the margins surrounding the tumor are clear of cancerous cells, so that the patients are truly cancer-free. Unfortunately, statistics show that when lab results are released, after a process that can take several weeks, one in four women is asked to return for re-excision — secondary surgery — if the tumors tested reveal that the margins are not clear, indicating some cancer cells remain in the patient’s body.
“We have developed the only technology in the world that has a commercial product that allows surgeons in operating rooms, in real time, to check the margins of the tumor, identify cancerous tissue and decide on the spot if more tissue needs to be removed or not,” Gal Aharonowitz, general manager in charge of Israeli operations, told The Times of Israel in a phone interview.
Clinical trials show that the company’s MarginProbe device reduces the need for re-excision by 51 percent, if it is used during the initial procedure, Aharonowitz said. Commercial use of the product has shown a drop of as much as 80% in the need for repeat surgery, he said.
מערכת מרג'ין פרוב MarginProbe לזיהוי שוליים חיוביים הנגועים בשאריות רקמות סרטניות בניתוחי למפקטומי Lumpectomy - ניתוחים משמרי שד להסרת גידולים של סרטן השד להפחתה בצורך בניתוחים חוזרים. 

The device consists of a hand-held gadget — a single-use probe that looks like a large pen or ultrasound instrument — and a console. After the tumor is removed, while the patient is still on the operating table, the surgeon uses the probe to check the margins of the just-removed tissue. Sensors on the probe send signals to the tissue, and a signal, both visual and acoustic, gets reflected back, which is then classified as either positive, indicating there are still cancerous cells on the margins, or negative, giving the all-clear to close up the patient.

Kraft Heinz drops Unilever takeover bid!

Image result for Kraft Heinz
  • Kraft Heinz has said it has dropped its plan to buy Anglo-Dutch rival Unilever.
Marmite-maker Unilever rejected the US food giant's bid on Friday, saying it saw "no merit, either financial or strategic" in Kraft's offer, worth about $143bn (£115bn).

"Unilever and Kraft Heinz hold each other in high regard," the companies said in a joint statement.

The deal would have been one of the biggest in corporate history, combining dozens of household names.

Unilever owns Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Dove soap, and Hellmann's mayonnaise, while Kraft's range includes Philadelphia cheese and Heinz baked beans.


The Channel Tunnel Documentary History!

Uzinduzi wa Bank ya Equity Tawi la Zanzibar Mtaa wa Mlandege!

Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Benki ya Equity Tanzania Mr. Joseph Iha akimpokea mgeni rasmin Waziri wa Ardhi Maji na Nishati Zanzibar Mhe Salama Aboud Talib, akimuwakilisha Waziri wa Fedha Zanzibar katika ufunguzi wa Tawi la Benki ya Equity Mlandege Zanzibar. 
Waziri wa Ardhi Maji na Nishati na Mazingira Zanzibar Mhe Salama Aboud Talib akisalimiana na Wajumbe wa Bodi ya Benki ya Equity alipowasili katika viwanja vya Benki hiyo kwa ajili ya uzinduzi wake. 
Waziri wa Ardhi Maji Nishati na Mazingira Zanzibar Mhe Salama Aboud Talib akisalimiana na Mjumbe wa Benki ya Equity alipowasili katika viwanja vya benki hiyo mlandege Zanzibar kwa ajili ya uzinduzi wake.