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Monday, August 13, 2018

Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi DK.Ali. Mohamed Shein Amefanya Uteuzi wa Viongozi leo!

Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi Mheshimiwa Dkt. Ali Mohmed Shein amefanya uteuzi wa viongozi katika Wizara ya Elimu na Mafuno ya Amali na Wizara ya Afya kama ifuatavyo:


Kwa mujibu wa uwezo aliopewa chini ya Kifungu cha 53 cha Katiba ya Zanzibar ya 1984, na kifungu cha 12(1) cha Sheria ya Utumishi wa Umma Namba 2 ya 2011, Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi Mheshimiwa Dkt. Ali Mohamed Shein amemteua Bwana Mohamed Nassor Salim kuwa Ofisa Mdhamini katika Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Amali - Pemba.

Passenger lets boy play game on his phone!

  • The incident was captured by another subway passenger.
  • Subway trips are generally boring with passengers blankly either staring out of the windows or snoring away until they reach their destinations. We hardly see strangers engaging in a conversation as people sit with stern faces waiting to get off at the earliest.

    North, South Korea agree on third summit to be held in Pyongyang!

    South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon crosses the concrete border to attend a meeting with his North Korean counterpart Ri Son Gwon at the truce village of Panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone, North Korea, August 13, 2018.
    • The two Koreas held a fresh round of talks at the DMZ on Monday to discuss the third summit.
    North and South Korea agreed to hold a summit in Pyongyang in September, the latest step forward in cross-border ties this year after more high-level talks on Monday, the South's Unification Ministry said.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met in April and May at the border truce village of Panmunjom, within the demilitarised zone (DMZ) that separates the two Koreas, and agreed that the next summit in autumn would be held in the North Korean capital.

    China delays mosque demolition after protest!

    • Protesters gathering in front of the building as police with riot shields stood by.
    Authorities in northern China delayed the demolition of a large mosque on Saturday after thousands of people demonstrated to stop its destruction, local residents said, amid a nationwide government drive to tighten restrictions on religious activities.

    Across China, officials have sought to limit religious freedoms for Muslims as part of a widespread attempt to bring believers in line with the dictates of the ruling Communist Party.


    Dubai marches towards becoming the smartest city!

    Dubai ranked as the 'Most Innovative City' in the region.

    • Dubai government is saving Dh5.6 for every one dirham spent by Smart Dubai.
    Dubai's march towards becoming the world's first smartest city continues unabated as the emirate has been ranked the 'Most Innovative City' in the region. It is also No.1 for deployment of smart city applications and has the highest awareness, usage and satisfaction among its residents.

    Four security officers killed in Jordan shootout!

    Security forces gather near a damaged building in the city of Salt, Jordan.
    • The police vehicle had been maintaining security near a music festival in the majority Christian town of Fuhais.
    Security forces pulled the bodies of three suspected militants from the wreckage of a building in a central Jordanian city on Sunday following a shootout in which at least four security personnel were also killed, the government said.

    In a huge security operation, Jordanian forces laid siege to the building in a residential part of Salt on Saturday night in a search for those responsible for a bomb attack on Friday on a police van.

    7-year-old boy survives after falling from eighth floor!

    • The video shows the boy lying unconscious on the ground as residents alerted emergency services.
    A 7-year-old boy in China miraculously survived an eight-storey fall by landing on a bed sheet which his alert neighbours spread. However, the impact of the fall ripped the bed sheet in half and the boy hit the ground, sustaining serious injuries.


    Please help to find our friend/Daddy/brother and a dear friend to me. He was reported hijacked since 9th July. To date we are looking for him. Kindly share in your groups to help us find him safely. His name is Kepha Peter Mwiti a Managing Director of Immunolabs Medical Supplies.
    Please call +255 715 650 030 for any information

    Court jails Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader for life!

    • Another defendant was jailed for 15 years and three others for 10 years.
    The head of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and other leaders of the banned group were sentenced to life in prison on Sunday, judicial sources said, on charges of incitement to murder and violence.

    The sentence is the latest among several trials and re-trials against Mohamed Badie and other senior leaders of the party.

    The sources told Reuters that Giza Criminal Court sentenced several top leaders including Badie, group spokesman Essam al-Erian, and senior member Mohamed El-Beltagy to life terms.

    Saudi father pardons son's killer minutes before execution in viral video!

    • Netizens applaud the benevolent act.
    A father has been applauded online for forgiving a killer in Saudi Arabia, minutes before the latter's execution.

    According to a viral clip on social media, a Saudi father spared a man, who had killed his son, from execution.

    In the video, a crowd of people including security guards can be seen cheering the benevolent act as the killer is pardoned minutes before he was to be executed in an open field.


     Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Fedha na Mipango Dotto James akiwa na Makamu Mkuu wa Chuo Kikuu cha Sokoine cha Kilimo (SUA) Profesa Raphael Chibunda wapili kutoka (kushoto), Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Shirika la Maendeleo la Taifa NDC Profesa Damian Gabagambi wakwanza (kulia), Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Elimu Sayansi na Teknolojia Dkt. Leonard Akwilapo wapili kutoka (kulia), akikata utepe kuzindua Matrekta 10 ambayo ameyakabidhi kwa Chuo hicho cha SUA kutekeleza ahadi ya Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli aliyoitoa wakati alipotembelea chuo hicho mkoani Morogoro tarehe 7 Mei 2018.

     Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Fedha na Mipango Dotto James akipunga mkono pamoja na viongozi wengine mara baada ya kuzindua na kuyakabidhi Matrekta hayo 10 kwa Chuo cha SUA katika hafla fupi iliyofanyika katika kiwanda cha kuunganisha Matrekta hayo cha URSUS- TAMCO Kibaha mkoani Pwani.
     Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ya Fedha na Mipango Dotto James akiangalia ubora wa  moja ya matrekta hayo 10 aliyoyakabidhi kwa Chuo Kikuu cha Kilimo cha Sokoine SUA.