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Sunday, July 2, 2017

uae: Dinosaurs were let loose in Dubai airport this weekend!

  • Those prehistoric creatures too need flight tickets!
It was a regular day at Dubai international Airport - busy and bustling with travellers making their way to check in their luggage. But last weekend put a slightly different spin on a normal buzz at the airport. Guess what? Dinosaurs showed up.

Yes, you heard it right. Apparently, those prehistoric creatures had been brought back to life and as part of their crash course to know more about the modern world, they went to Dubai International Airport!

In a slew of photos and videos shared by IMGWorlds on Instagram, the dinosaurs were seen making their way around Terminal 3. They were joined by two human guides to help them find their Emirates flight. The humungous creatures 'interacted' with airport staff while 'enquiring' about their flights and even taking a coffee break in one of the cafes around the airport.

The showing up of dinosaurs in the airport is part of the IMG Worlds Summer Carnival which coincides with this year's Dubai Summer Surprises season. From July 1 to September 1, park visitors can enjoy great deals around the theme park. Deals include retail and food offers as well as access to all rides and attractions in the park.

Promotion or otherwise, at least we know one thing. Even dinosaurs - no matter how old they are - prefer to fly with Emirates!


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