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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ghost workers ‘haunt’ Kilango

  • Fired for misleading Magufuli on Shinyanga payroll 
  • RAS Abdul Dachi also axed for misleading her
HARDLY a month after she was sworn-into office, Shinyanga Regional Commissioner (RC), Ms Anne Kilango-Malecela, has been fired by President John Magufuli for issuing false information that there were no ghost workers in the region.

Dr Magufuli announced the decision at the State House in Dar es Salaam yesterday in which he also axed Shinyanga Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Abdul Dachi, for apparently misleading the RC into believing that all workers were genuine. The RC will be assigned other duties ‘which she can handle’, the president said.

It came to light that even as the duo maintained that all workers there were genuine, a separate team was dispatched to Shinyanga and found out 45 workers who were being paid salaries each month and yet they do not work for the government.
“In her report, the RC stressed that there were no phantom workers in the region and yet the team I sent came with a different report. As of yesterday evening there were 45 non-existing workers.

“The verification exercise is yet to be carried out in Ushetu and Shinyanga Rural, which means that there could be more ghost workers in the region,” Dr Magufuli explained.

He made the announcement at a function in which he received performance report by the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) as well as a dummy cheque of 6bn/- which has been saved by the Parliament of Tanzania in its cost-cutting measures. “Even if the RC was duped by her assistants, why did she fell for the lies and eventually ended issuing a false report,” President Magufuli wondered.

Ms Kilango-Malecela is former MP for Same East Constituency in Kilimanjaro Region and wife to former Prime Minister and veteran politician, Mzee John Malecela.

She had sought to retain the seat during the general election last year but lost to Ms Naghenjwa Kaboyoka of Chadema.

During the swearing-in of regional commissioners on March 15, this year, Dr Magufuli issued a 15-day ultimatum for accounting officers in local and central governments to identify and get rid of ghost workers on the payroll.

The ultimatum expired on March 31 in which a total of 5,507 non-existing workers who were paid between 53bn/- and 54bn/- were identified across the country.

The president was apparently annoyed yesterday that part of the 583bn/- allocated for the wage bill each month was swindled by some dishonest employees.

“I understand that ghost workers exist in every office starting from the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office to government ministries and armed forces as well.

“I believe the verification exercise will continue to identify non-existing employees. We need those funds to implement development projects for our people,” he noted. President Magufuli went on to warn that there is a covert team, which he will send to conduct impromptu verification of workers at all public offices.

“This team is led by one brave woman. We will send it to conduct verification at any public office.” He stressed that the war against ghost workers in the public service will be heightened to enable the government save billions of money which have been paid to non-existing employees.

/Daily News.

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