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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tabloid under fire over ‘false’ accusations

THE Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) and Pan Africa Power Solutions Tanzania Limited (PAP) have demanded an apology from a weekly tabloid for publishing a defamatory article, linking the State House with bribery allegations in transaction relating to transfer of money from Escrow Account.

Acting Executive Chairman with the two companies Joseph Makandege told a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the published article by Mwanahalisi was false, malicious and has been made with bad motive aimed at creating mistrust between the companies, government and the citizens.

“The tabloid is given 14 days from today (yesterday) to publish the apology and retract the article. Failure of which, legal and punitive measures will be taken. Involving a sensitive office like Ikulu in such baseless allegations is very serious and should not be left to stand,” he said.Mr Makandege, who is also the Company Secretary and Chief Legal Counsel of the two companies, was referring to Mwanahalisi article published in the tabloid’s issue number 332 dated March 28, 2016 with a heading, “Siri za Kikwete, IPTL zafichuka,” The article, according to him, linked government officials of the Fourth Phase Government and others who are still in service with the bribery allegations, accusing the Executive Chairman of the Companies, Mr Habinder Sethi Singh, of issuing bribe everywhere to enable the success of the transaction.

“We have been so saddened by these unsubstantiated claims. We had expected the author to have provided evidence to back up the allegations. This is so serious. The publication has been made just to injure the reputations of our companies, the government and the former president as well,” he said.

Mr Makandege, therefore, requested law enforcement agencies to take action against the editor of the tabloid, as the article published was not only maliciously made but also seditious and intended to create disharmony to the society.

He further requested members of the public who got the chance of reading the article in question to ignore its contents as it was full of lies. He believed further that the article had been made as a continuation of grudges from other business competitors.

Mr Makandege pointed out that allegations of bribe were so serious and both IPTL and PAP would not keep quiet. He invited members of the public with concrete evidence on the matter to report to the relevant authorities so that legal actions could be taken.

He explained that the process relating to transfer of money from the Escrow Account at the Bank of Tanzania followed all required legal procedures and that PAP acquired assets and liabilities of IPTL through proper channels.

“We believe on the rule of law, which recognises justice to everyone. So we will not remain quite on illegal actions aimed at mudslinging our companies done by some media organs under the pretext of freedom of expression,” he remarked.

/Daily News.

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