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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Zantel launches first 4G LTE network in Zanzibar!

Second Vice- President, Ambassador Seif Ali Idd has launched the first 4G LTE network in Zanzibar to enable the people of Zanzibar embrace the latest technology.

Speaking at the event in Zanzibar yesterday, Ambassador Idd said 4G network would allow the people of Zanzibar to learn, earn, and compete in the global marketplace on a level pitch.

“As shareholders of Zantel, the government of Zanzibar is proud of the advancement Zantel has made over the years, and by bringing this fast internet connectivity to Zanzibar, they present an opportunity for development and advancement to the people of Zanzibar,” he said.

The 4G technology will improve customer experience and speed up all the internet activities such as accessing Skype, video conference facilities, YouTube, and all social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp.

Zantel Chief Executive Officer, Mr Benoit Janin said Zantel was taking the lead in innovation by making the world more accessible to the citizens of Zanzibar.

‘Zantel has developed a reputation for breaking new ground in Zanzibar’s mobile landscape and we have always remained at the forefront of innovation.

Today’s launch of 4G LTE is a key milestone for Zantel Family’. “Zantel will continue its commitment to invest in new technologies as we aim to meet the needs of our customers and bring to people the fastest, easiest and most affordable mobile internet services,” he said.

Alongside the launch of 4G LTE, Mr Janin also announced the expansion of Zantel’s network coverage across the Mainland, ensuring the widest and most reliable coverage.

Zantel network will indeed cover 80 per cent of the population in Tanzania in the coming weeks.

/Daily News.

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