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Sunday, July 3, 2016


FTD NEWS - July 2016

FTD Speeding up...

We hope you have had a peaceful and enjoyable time amidst your family and friends these past few weeks of Ramadhan. Now with Eid approaching fast, our team is also preparing the last steps for the construction work to take off fully. After months of in-depth preparation, both in the office and on site, we have reached our final step:
Meetings for all final decisions with contractors will take place the 1st week of July. From then on it will be steady progress and construction work can commence. As per our schedule, the contractors will mobilize in July and will start building infrastructure and the first brick houses in August.

Of course we will keep you all informed of the progress as it comes along over the next few weeks.
The construction of the German Prefab Housing factory is in fully progress and will start production of the first houses in September. As most of our clients have purchased their house build with this innovative technology they will be happy to hear that the first houses produced in the factory will be assembled already end of this year. We are extremely happy with this progress and excited to the see the completion of the production site. Should you happen to be in Zanzibar in the near future, you should definitely plan a visit to the factory.
The Fumba  Town Service Team, which will later be responsible to service your houses and the town has already completed the first temporary service center just close to Fumba Town. They have set up office and storage units from which they will later be in charge of management services for Landscaping, Waste Management, Composting, Water Treatment, Security and many other services that will be provided to ensure your wellbeing living and working in Fumba Town.

A few months ago, we already began a pioneering Waste Management project on Zanzibar, where we test the processes of waste collection and it’s separation in various households. All organic waste will be turned into fertile soil, which is a crucial part of creating our green spaces.  These tests and observances are one-of-a-kind on the island and will provide the highest efficiency possible as well as a conscientious approach to Zanzibar’s environment.  This will bring us one step closer to our goal of providing a clean and earth-friendly lifestyle in Fumba Town.

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

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