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Friday, October 7, 2016

DOWN MEMORY LANE -10 years later!

Life Map

I was born on January 22,1993 in the country called Tanzania which is in the eastern side of Africa. This was in a beautiful Island of Zanzibar, (also known as the Spicy Islands of Africa) which is just about 45 miles from the capital city of Tanzania which is Dar-Es-Salaam.

I grew up in Zanzibar where most of my family members live. 

I was told that everyone in the family was extremely happy when they got the news that I was born. When I was young I was so adorable and my brothers were always fighting to carry me up on their shoulders.

In the summer of July in 2005, I traveled to Paris in Europe with all my family members. My family and I enjoyed spending a terrific time relaxing together in the famous City of Paris. Along with my family, we
stayed in Hilton Hotel right in the city center, where we were served with luscious food and entertained. 

In Paris, we had lots to do, my family and I explored the Eiffel Tower which was so amazing looking
from above. The best part my brothers and I enjoyed was going to Disneyland, it was awesome, so many shows to watch, food to eat, and we rushed to lots of thrilling rides. We explored so many famous
places; I say it’s a place to enjoy with a family, so go there to experience what I saw. 

In 2005, a day before school ended was the day to remember my graduation and my school. It was because I graduated from Cornell Junior Public School, my friends and I looked so joyful on that exciting day of ours. We looked so gorgeous in our stunning dresses and we watched clips of us, it was entertaining. 

I will never forget how my first graduation turned out. This past summer of 2006, I went to the CNE, it was a wonderful excursion with my lovely family. I hurried to rides, because I was so eager to enjoy the rides. The rides were thrilling! I also, went to Ontario Place, and watched shows that were amusing to watch with my family. I ate delicious food that we bought from there and had sweet drinks.

I started attending middle school in September of 2005. The school is called Tecumseh Sr. Public School. The school starts from grade 7 till
grade 8. Last year, I was so eager to get to this school because it has great teachers. This school is amazing in so many ways.

I am always completing my assignments on time for my grade 8 core teacher, Mrs. Stewart. The teachers this year are nice and teach us so many new things. I am sometimes complaining why I have so much
homework in my school subjects. However, I have my helpful family helping me out.

I am in grade 8 and go to school at Tecumseh Sr. Public School. The school I attend is at 720 Scarborough Golf Club Road. The middle school is filled with joyful kids always ready to learn something new. I admire my school so much. This is because I get to see my friends, eat scrumptious food that’s served at the cafeteria and have my very own
locker to organize my belongings. 

I am 13 years old and I am a friendly girl who likes to get along with everyone. I am always watching my favourite show on Family, That’s So Raven. When, I get back from school I start my homework, so I
have time to do other things when I am done. I have 3 brothers that annoy me all the time and I am the only child who is a girl in the family.

By learning the basics of designing, I am learning to do that at this age. I am always designing or drawing something unique in my drawing book. My ambition is to follow my dreams and become a designer. I have two dreams that I will follow and designing is one of them. 

At this age I am trying my best to achieve good marks in Science. So, I can follow my other dream to become a doctor. I am interested to become a doctor, so that I can offer my services to the welfare of humanity. That's why I am studying very hard in my Science subject.

In the future, I want to become a doctor and do something that I will really help the world by doing. This is because, I will be helping each of those peoples to get well. I will be happy and those who are also in pain. When I’m done with education, I will be looking forward to this occurrence. 

In the year of 2007 of September, I will be in high school in grade 9. Grade 9 will be a tough year and a year to be serious with studies. I will be meeting new students in the new school. Well, let me just say
that I am looking forward to the grade 9 year.

In the end of the grade 8 year of 2007, I will be graduating from Tecumseh Sr. Public School. I know it will be so much fun once I graduate. As well, I will be having the time of my life when I leave grade 8. For sure, I know I will be missing my friends. 

Though, I will also be missing many teachers and the great school.

Later in the future, while I’m working at my first job, I will be a professional fashion designer. I will be designing the latest trends made by the one and only me. I can see it already in my future all the people rushing to get a unique clothing piece from me. My future will be exciting and a bright one as well. 

After doing many things I will consider taking a break by taking a vacation in the near future. A trip will make me relaxed, by going to London. This will be a great opportunity for me to also show my designs. Also spend quality time with some of my relatives that live there.

In 2007, I will be going to a Raven Concert with a great friend of mine.

This is because we both are her number one fans, and would like to finally see her live. The event will be important for us, as it is our dream to meet Raven in our lives. As we are there, we will also take pictures and have an original autograph from her, I see it now in my future that it will be fantastic.

In 2002, my family and I moved to Markham Road, into a friendly building. The immense structure is filled with polite people from every floor. We like the building very much because it’s always quiet and
therefore me and my naughty brothers can study without any commotion from the neighbours.

In 2004, I took swimming classes to improve my skills better. It also made a useful time in my summer. I made new friends and learned new things about them. I also got better at swimming and was great. 

Later in the future, after finishing education and studies I will go to Africa, in Tanzania to see my relatives. I will be so happy to see them and they will love seeing me as well. As I am there, I will also help
many of the African people with illness. I will bring my family along and we will have a great time.

In 1998, when I was 5 years old my brother Khalid was born. It was a good thing for every one in the family. But, I didn’t like it because no one was any longer paying attention to me as before. Soon, I got used to it and him crying a lot at night when he was small.

By Meena Othman - My Life Map - 2006.

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