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Friday, October 21, 2016

Indian wives rank third for beating up their husbands!........oooooh!

India among countries where women 
BEAT their husbands
Most people associate domestic violence with men beating women. However, a new study proves that this is not always the case.  
The statistic revealed by the United Nations Crime Statistics stated that Indian wives ranked third for beating up their husbands.
India is led by the United Kingdom and Egypt that are in second and first place respectively. This study is backed by the Egyptian Family Court whose data stated that 66 percent of husbands who are victims of domestic violence apply for divorce in the court.
Common knowledge teaches us that the victims of such cases are more often than not women, with the perpetrator being men. On the flipside, we also forget that violence can happen regardless of gender.
That being said, it is imperative more than ever that both genders move towards a better understanding of each other. This statement was one of the takeaways from UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson's speech when she asked the world to take a step forward and build a movement towards gender equality. 

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