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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Parents' diaper fight leads to baby's death in Abu Dhabi!

  • "I asked my husband to give the baby to me, but he refused."
A father was charged with assaulting his one-year-old baby boy, which caused its death, at an Abu Dhabi court on Wednesday. The father is accused of hitting the baby's head against the ground.

According to the mother's testimony, she was changing the baby's diaper when her husband came to the room and sat on the bed. The baby got close to the father, who tried to pick up the child. The mother, however, insisted on changing the diaper.

The defendant, she said, suddenly picked the child up and held him tightly. "I asked my husband to give the baby to me, but he refused. He then removed the baby from his shoulder, bent a little and hit his head against the ground," the mother testified.She said she went into a state of shock and screamed. Her husband asked her to keep quiet. The mother's relative and the baby's nanny tried to open the door, but he pushed it shut and refused to let them in.

"I started to cry for help when I noticed that my son's head was swollen. I asked the nanny to call the neighbours. When they came, he refused to let them in and said no one should intervene. When a neighbour threatened to call the police, he agreed to take the baby to the hospital," said the mother.

The baby died at the hospital.

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