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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wind blows man's car away

A cash of 5,000 yuan was also inside the car. 
Strong winds in China rolled away a car for 50 meters and that too without causing the vehicle any damage. 

The incident happened in Qingdao on Friday when the owner of the car, Huang, parked his car and went into a shop. When he walked back to the parking half-an-hour later, he found his car missing. 

Panicked, he reported the theft of his car to the police. A cash of 5,000 yuan was also inside the car, Shanghaiist reported. 

However, when police reviewed the CCTV footage, it found the car was blown away by the wind.

Huang had forgotten to use the parking brake while parking the car and hence was easily rolled away by the wind.

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