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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Girl writes homework on top of speeding car!

The girl reportedly climbed out of the window out of mischief. The driving licence of a cabbie was suspended after he was caught driving while his daughter wrote homework on top the cab. 
The girl reportedly climbed out of the window out of mischief while her father was busy talking to his friend in the car. The video of the incident shows the school girl writing on text book as taxi speeds along the busy road in Shangqiu city of China. 
"The driver is actually the girl's father," a spokesperson from the taxi company, Huada, told Beijing Time. " The father was distracted talking to his friend in the car and did not notice his daughter had climbed out of the window," the report added.
 "The driver has committed a dangerous driving violation. We are currently liaising with other departments for the appropriate penalty," spokesperson of the local Ministry of Transport had said.

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