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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Energy stoves set to revolutionize Zanzibar cooking options!

Image result for ethanol cooking stoves images
  • IN efforts to protect forests and control pollution in Zanzibar, awareness on environment among members of the public including secondary schools has been going on well; along with distribution of cooking stoves using ethanol.
Deputy Minister of State- responsible for environment, Mr. Mihayo Juma N’hunga, informed members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives yesterday that about 139 cooking stoves have been distributed in five regions.“The distribution of the stoves project was done by an NGO and it improves cooking conditions and reduces indoor air pollution. We urge people to use the ethanol stoves or improved cooking stoves,” Mr. Mihayo stated.

He made the explanation in response to a question by Mr. Jaku Hashim Ayoub (CCM- Muyuni), who had tasked the minister to explain why the distribution of the energy saving stoves in his area is slow.

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