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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Paris knife attacker born in Chechnya, parents in custody!

France has become a major target of frequent terrorist attacks in recent years.

  • Daesh terrorist group has claimed the responsibility of the knife attack.
A knifeman who killed one person and wounded four others in a suspected terror attack in central Paris was born in Chechnya in 1997, a judicial source said on Sunday.

The parents of the attacker have been taken into custody, the source added.Daesh terrorist group has claimed the responsibility of the knife attack in which a person stabbed five people in Paris late on Saturday, city prosecutor François Molins said.

A man randomly attacked bystanders with a knife on Saturday night in central Paris. One victim died and two were seriously injured and two were wounded lightly.

The knife attacker, who French President Emmanuel Macron called a terrorist, is dead.

The incident took place in Opera district of central Paris and the site was about 400 metres away from Paris Opera House, reports Xinhua.

The media wing of Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement published online.

The Amaq News Agency said "the person who executed the stabbing in Paris is a soldier of the Daesh ." The statement also said the assailant acted in response to calls to attack anti-Deash coalition countries.

Daesh did not provide proof to substantiate the claim and no authorities or security sources have yet verified the authenticity of the claim, CNN reported.

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