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Friday, November 25, 2016

Africa: American President-Elect Trump and Third World Concerns

U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump.

By Makwaia Wa Kuhenga
Now that tremors of the "political earthquake" have subsided that hit the United States of America and beyond following the vote, which produced a new President, it is high time now to think aloud on what the future offers for the rest of us in the Third World given that unipolar power disposition.

As the founder President of this country, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere once remarked before he passed away: "How much I wish the American vote was taken by the rest of us in the international community... " Unfortunately, Mwalimu's wish remains what it is - a mere wish! It is Americans who have decided who their next leader is, albeit with unprecedented reactions on the outcome of the vote. That reaction as we have seen has been within and beyond the borders of the USA.

This is one among factors serving to underpin the prophecy of Mwalimu Nyerere's wish on the importance of the American vote. But this world has no shortage of men of good will.

In spite of a seemingly divisive campaign run by President elect Trump, Tanzania's leader, Dr John Pombe Magufuli has congratulated the forthcoming American President.
This is one indicator that Third World people and its leaders are invariably men and women of good will; with a culture of positive diversity in a mutually shared world.

But campaign utterances by President-elect Trump were scary to say the least, especially to those happening to be created in races other than Anglo- Saxons and those subscribing to the Islamic faith.

But since this is now history, it is not very helpful to play back the tape! But just imagine the feeling of those going with Muslim sounding names - possibly frequenting the United States from time to time on business! What is their feel now that Donald Trump has won the vote?

Would they be as keen to travel to the United States as before? For, he had already decided, for instance in remarks during the campaign, that the American vote would be "rigged" against him! Has it? Eh! Bwana! Now, we are talking of President-elect Donald Trump.

While a section of Americans may be happy to have him as their new president, what about the rest of us in the Third World?

Will we be well off or worse off when he takes over next January? As quoted earlier, Mwalimu Nyerere once said how much he wished the rest of us in the international community lined up to vote for American presidents.

It is a matter of fact the USA is a super power, and a unipolar power at that, isn't it? And what the Americans decide globally, whether rightly or wrongly sticks - so their leader at the top is someone the rest of us in the international community touches our respective lives, one way or another!

Leaving aside this point, who are the men calling the shots in real power in America today? Is it the American President solely who calls the shots or there is a shadowy group which wields real power? This is a huge question.

Hearing and reading about the USA one comes across a shadowy powerful group that allegedly wields real power going by the name of "Jewish lobby" group. It is said that it is this group, which must give the green light on any major policy decision globally especially when it is to do with the Middle East.

Those reading these lines may remember outgoing President Barrack Obama's brilliant Middle East suggestive resolution to the current Middle East equation related to the question of Palestine. What became of it?

What befell that brilliant agenda he outlined at Egypt's Al Azhar University? President Obama had called and outlined his resolution for a two-state solution in the Middle East. His brilliant speech had no follow up, isn't it? Who blocked this follow up?

Was it the assumed powerful Jewish lobby in his country? These things are not the business for us in developing or Third World countries but, in a wider sense, they are of great concern given America's unique super power status. In this context, one is puzzled why this world appears worse off today in terms of peace for all - as we see today vicious wars raging in Syria and Iraq - sickening and terrifying - to say the least.

Those watching the news by global TV networks are puzzled, to say the least, with the killings and carnage taking place in these two countries, as if the world is leaderless to bring such wars to an end; flattening cities, killing and maiming children and infants! Where is the US to stop these wars?

Should we expect new American President Donald Trump to bring to an end the raging carnage in Syria and Iraq today? In practical terms, for us in the Third World, we have had a good experience with the Democrats when they assume power in the United States with all these constraints as outlined. President Obama, retiring next January, must be credited for ending half a century of blanket sanctions against revolutionary Cuba.

Cuba today is enjoying normal relations with the rest of the international community. Now we have President-elect Donald Trump. Will this world be a better place to live in?

Let President elect Trump realise that the rest of us in the international community, the developing world in particular, harbour no prejudices - racial or religious to anyone - least of all ourselves.

So let him think twice, given the mixed reactions across the globe on his election, majority of which reactions were not positive towards him. But if he will have a change of heart in the intervening period, the world is full of men and women of goodwill who harbour no racial or spiritual prejudices against each other.

Source: allAfrica

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