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Monday, July 17, 2017

INDIA: Infant's body dragged by stray dogs, mauled badly!

  • A visitor had to shoo the dogs away to rescue the infant's body.
An infant's body was dragged by stray dogs at a government hospital in Indore in India on Sunday morning.

While the body was mauled by the stray dogs, none of the staff of Maharaja Yeshwantrao government hospital took notice but it was a visitor who shooed the dogs away and informed the local police.

The Hindustan Times quoted the visitor saying, "When patients and their relatives saw the dogs mauling the body, they gathered at the garden's gate which was locked. They shouted but nobody from the hospital administration paid attention to them. I had come to attend my relative. I jumped upon the gate and shooed the dogs away," said Tikam Sharma, a resident of Indore.

Apparently, this isn't the first time the hospital has come under scanner for such a brutal oversight. In January, a body of a newborn was similarly mauled by stray dogs and another youngster's body was found swarmed by ants in May.

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