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Saturday, May 12, 2018

US cop abuses, drags out 65-year-old woman from car!

  • Squad car video captured the entire encounter, which continued for more than 5 minutes.
A 65-year-old grandmother was forcibly dragged out of her car by a cop while hurling abuses at her after she refused to sign a traffic violation ticket for changing lanes on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta.
As Rose Campbell ignored requests to step out of her vehicle and insisted on calling their supervisor, a police officer - Michael Swerdlove - argued with her and then another - James Legg - joined him. After initial coaxing, Legg pulled her out, forcing the woman to scream.

Squad car video captured the entire encounter, which continued for more than 5 minutes. The Alpharetta Police Department posted the video on Facebook with a statement from Public Safety Chief John Robinson in which he said Legg's behaviour "did not represent our organisation", it was reported by MailOnline. Legg was suspended after the episode, and he has resigned.

After the incident, Campbell was quoted as saying she felt "scared" and "ganged up on" by the officers.

"I just panicked, I felt like my heart exploded. Am I in a movie? Is this a movie? I couldn't believe it. It was surreal," she told WSB

'I didn't expect that in America. I didn't expect that in Atlanta. I didn't expect that especially in Alpharetta.' Now, Campbell wants an apology and more training for officers.

As the video was shared on Facebook, Robinson said: "We strive to be a transparent department. If we are going to be 100 per cent transparent, that means that we also must be willing to share with you any major concerns that arise regarding employee performance and behaviour. There are aspects about this video that simply do not represent our organisation."

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